Revolutionize Your Lunch and Learn Experience – Even in the Virtual Space!

Do you want to make more sales, improve the revenue stream, and even see an improvement in the bottom line? Of course you do – and Demo Butler can help.

In its most basic sense, lead generation is about increasing – and improving – interest. Specifically, you want to increase and improve the interest of your prospects and target customers in your product or service. But the age-old question remains: What is the best (and most cost-effective) way to generate strong leads?

Meet Demo Butler. We are an online meeting concierge service that handles every aspect of planning and hosting virtual meetings. We even handle the food delivery – and then we provide you with free, solid, qualified leads.
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Scheduling Made Easy

Hosting a lunch and learn first means finding a time that works for everyone. And that’s easier said than done. We’ve all been there – the endless emails that go back and forth – your schedules could not feel more opposite.

Let Demo Butler take the stress out of planning your virtual lunch and learn. Schedule a time inside the app depending on everyone’s availability and then all parties will be notified when it’s time to join the call. We’ll even give you a dashboard to manage all your meetings. It’s never been more convenient to schedule your sales call.

Virtual Lunch and Learn

You can’t have a lunch and learn without the lunch! Unfortunately, getting the lunch portion of the meeting right can be time-consuming and frustrating. It’s not exactly ideal to carry in several bags of takeout in one hand with your briefcase in the other.

And as challenging as traditional lunch and learn programs can be, online virtual meetings pose an even larger challenge. Imagine providing a virtual lunch for every attendee, in whatever location that might be. The logistics are overwhelming.

Demo Butler provides an easy, reliable solution to these challenges. In fact, our white-glove services allow you to be totally hands-off. Just choose a budget inside the app, and then we’ll automatically send a GrubHub gift card to each of your guests invited to the meeting.

Just like that, you’re ready for your call! No more carrying takeout, and no more fumbling around with different apps. It’s all here. And did we mention that we can assist you even if you’re using another video conferencing platform? We live to serve you.

Feed Your Guests, Get Feedback 

Following the lunch and learn, your client will be prompted to rate your sales demo and provide useful feedback. No more wondering what everyone thought of your presentation. Review retrieval is now automated and convenient for both parties. 

Are you ready to see how Demo Butler can help you improve the lunch and learn experience? Simply click to join now or contact us to learn more and see a free, no-obligation demonstration.  

Our Values

Everything we create should help online meetings feel better than real life, while Demo Butler does as much of the work as possible.
Every meeting should feel like a premium experience — for the guest and the host.
Butlers are supposed to be serious. We are anything but.
Our platform is designed to be powerful and intuitive — all at the same time.

Want to see it in action?

We live to serve.